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About the Home

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Twenty-four-hour residential care is all encompassing.

Activities of daily living are provided for, to whatever degree needed. Nutritious meals are prepared three times a day. Care is taken to consider the needs, wants, likes and dislikes of each individual in our care – from choice of clothing and hairstyle, to bedroom decor. Families provide clothing for their family members, if possible, and laundering is preformed on-site.

Medical and dental care for each resident is the responsibility of the family, as we offer residential care, not skilled nursing care. Oral medications are administered on-site. Haircuts are provided to our residents on site as well for those who wish to receive this service in the Home. Transportation is provided to all social activities. Our large activity room offers opportunities for therapy, socialization, exercise and relaxation. Respite care is also offered at the rate of $125/day to members of the community who need a temporary “home away from home”, whether it is for one night or one month. The most important service that we offer is loving care with respect for the individuality of each of the members of our Mulherin “family.”

Activity Room

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