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Our foremost concern is the happiness, comfort, and welfare of the residents here at Mulherin Home. We strive to make life enjoyable and fun for our residents. While the purpose of our Home is to help, it is never to assume the family’s responsibility. Only when a Resident has no family does Mulherin Home assume full responsibility for the resident’s care. By the Home working with the family, family ties, which are so important, are maintained and strengthened where they would often be strained or broken. Our Home feels that the family needs to share in the care of their loved one; we see first hand how important family involvement is.

Some of our regular events include:

  • Drama classes at Azalea City Center for the Arts
  • Residents who wish can attend church once a month at
  • Picnics and field trips
  • Mardi Gras parades
  • Multiple Holiday events off campus and at home
  • Each resident’s birthday is celebrated
  • Mulherin hosts many volunteers throughout the year from local schools, universities and other service organizations.

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