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Our Story

The Mulherin Custodial Home is a 501(c) (3) organization, and a United Way agency. Founded in 1952 in Mobile County by the late Dr. Hugh Mulherin. Having had a son with Cerebral Palsy he knew first hand the limited resource available to parents of children with special needs not to mention is was 1952. Doctor Mulherin started the Home for children who, for many different reasons, needed a place where they could be cared for in a loving environment with quality of life, meeting each individual’s needs and where their full potential is realized. It was over 70 years ago that his idea of a “Home” away from home with tender loving care became a reality for mentally and physically challenged children of all ages.

No one was ever turned away; if there was a need he met it. Dr. Mulherin’s heart was bigger than his wallet. In 1958, after 6 years of struggling financially depending on the parents who were able to pay and donations from the community, a concerned citizen recognized the need to keep the Home in existence and went to United Way. It was the following year the Mulherin Custodial Home became a United Way Agency.

We are licensed by the State of Alabama Department of Public Health, meeting all life and safety codes, but receive no State or Federal funding (as we have more than 16 Residents).  We now serve 30 developmentally delayed adults who are unable to function independently. Mulherin Custodial Home is a residential program in which 24 hour care is given, in a family surrounding, with a great deal of tender, loving care. Residents that can, attend church and many other social and recreational activities. Mulherin truly is home to the residents that live here.


Because we do not receive any Federal, State or City funding at this time, our funding must come from other sources. Currently, our funding comes from three sources:

-Private Funding – We are currently a “Private-Pay” facility. Each resident is billed for their monthly room and board and social services.

-Community Donations – The costs associated with running a Home at the level of excellence that we expect are great. Therefore, we must rely on donations from the community to keep our Home in operation. We accept monetary donations as well as goods and services. (Please see our Wish List for a complete list of needed items.)

-United Way of Southwest Alabama – Lastly, we receive limited funding from the United Way.